The Human Sound Project

The Human Sound Project helps communities to build relationships and unleash their purpose through the universal language of music. Born as an idea in New York City in 2013, the project has since offered a platform for diverse groups on six continents to come together, co-create and share original songs about their stories.  The project is inspired by the vision of building a global village through the sharing of song.

SSI’s Arts & Culture Program is collaborating with The Human Sound Project in developing, a song tailored for SSI Community Kitchen participants. The overarching vision of this project is in providing a sound making experience, which celebrates the diversity of its participants and provides an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to engage, interact and express themselves, through social storytelling, sound and song.

The much anticipated song and video will be launched at the SSI New Beginning Festival in Spring 2017. This unique set will tap into the vibrancy of the SSI song making program, leaving the audience energised, inspired and full of rhythm. It will be accompanied with the musical skills of The Human Sound Project featuring Born to Sing Choir and  Junkyard Beats’ dynamic rhythm shows and crowd participation experiences.

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