Community Tapestry Workshop with Sayd

Sit, relax and learn a unique tapestry technique from artist Sayd Mahmod. All materials are provided for in the workshop. 

This hand tapestry-making workshop is a fun way to explore your creativity. The workshop is run by the talented Sayd, who is an expert weaver and tapestry maker from Afghanistan.
Sayd has been collaborating with many communities, teaching  his weaving technique to others to collectively make tapestry artworks. Some of the tapestry works created at The Spirit of Welcome will be part of a new community tapestry-making project – a rug woven by diverse community members across Sydney.
His intricately hand-woven tapestries have been the inspiration for community engagement projects across Sydney, and have also been displayed  in galleries in Iran. Sayd has refined his craft and tools for the past three decades, producing works in wool, cotton and silk. He has led tapestry workshops at the Friendship Garden in Auburn, as part of The Tapestry Collective project.

Sayd has been supported by Settlement Services International (SSI) through its Arts and Culture program, and is an enthusiastic and regular participant in the weekly Friendship Garden – an inclusive community gardening project run in partnership by SSI and Cumberland Council.