Shyamla Dance partners with Camilla fashion (costumes)

Shyamla Dance

Shyamla Eswaran is an accomplished performing artist, choreographer and teacher with three decades of dance experience and a Master’s Degree in International Human Rights Law.

 She has taught a range of styles at renowned studios throughout Australia and abroad (Sydney Dance Company, Ettingshausens, Dance Attic) and now specialises in Indian dance (Bollywood, Semi-Classical and Folk), having trained and performed each style in its place of origin. Shyamla currently practices Classical Indian dance (Kuchipudi) in Sydney with Shri Raghavan Nair Ji and regularly travels to India for training and to further her cultural knowledge.

 Shyamla has assembled a stellar cast of South Asian performers to present her “Dance Through India” show at the New Beginnings Festival and will also be leading a workshop featuring live Indian Drums by award-winning Indian percussionist Maharshi Raval.

 Solo by Pinaki Thakur, accompanied by Maharshi

A traditional Bharatanatyam piece performed and choreographed by Classical Indian dancer Pinaki Thakur, who has trained/performed Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Uday Sankar contemporary style since the age of 10.

 Indian Fusion Group Performance by Shyamla, Pinaki, Jes Subba and Ragavi Ragavan with Maharshi

A unique, fusion performance choreographed by Shyamla that seamlessly interweaves Semi-Classical, Popular and Folk dances from India including Bollywood (Mumbai), Bhangra (Punjab) and Ghoomar (Rajasthan). The performance features authentic props, to showcase the handicrafts and textiles of India, as well as an explosive live ending with audience interaction!

 “Dance Through India” workshop with live drums by Maharshi Raval

Shyamla and Maharshi lead an interactive 45-minute journey, sharing personal, cultural stories along the way to explore rhythms and signature movements from traditional, modern and folk dances from various Indian states. Dance styles covered include Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh, Bollywood from Maharastra (Mumbai), Garba from Gujarat and Ghoomar from Rajasthan. This will include a small demo on how spoken rhythms (bols) are translated into movements and drum beats. Follow Shyamla on Facebook