Mindful Art Workshop 

Mindful Art Workshop “The Spirit of Place”
The Mindful Art workshop is aimed at children who are between the ages of 3 and12.  Incorporating parent participation, the workshop’s core focus is on collectively creating a piece of art through visual arts, crafts, sounds and movement.
The workshop creates a platform to connect, learn, create and recognise the importance of cultural understanding. It includes visual arts as the main vehicle in engaging participants to create a group art piece.
A standout feature of this workshop is a focus on mindfulness practice. Participants are encouraged to use singing, crystal balls and indigenous instruments to meditate and connect more deeply with the inner self, and to develop an intimate relationship with the natural world around them.

Heartdancers’ visual artists Atefeh Hekmat and Carlos Agamez will be hosting the workshop and will feature Sandra Morales through her mindful sounds and movement.

Heartdancers is a charity organisation based in Sydney that advances cultural diversity in the arts, through: music, dance, storytelling and visual arts. Its overarching mission is to influence change, social cohesion, education and learning outcomes and increase health and wellbeing. It also provides employment and engagement opportunities to First Nations, refugee and CALD artists.