Far Seas Ensemble

Far Seas is a seven-piece ensemble band that plays fusion music of the east-west.

Combining an array of instruments from around the world, such as the kamancheh (Persian string instrument), tonbak and daf (Persian drums), Ecuadorian wooden flute, flamenco and classical guitar, Latin and Middle Eastern percussions, and the violin ensures that they take audiences on a unique journey.

The award-winning Davood A. Tabrizi is the Conductor of Far Seas and is trained in Western Classical and Persian Classical music, he has written, recorded and performed music extensively in Australia, Iran, Canada and USA for film, theatre, television, radio and special events. He plays the violin, classical and non-classical percussion, mandolin, and the South-American flute.

Among a vast collection of awards, Davood has received an Australian and New Zealand Film and Television Award for his score for The Navigator in 1988, while his score for Clara Law’s Floating Life 1996 won the Golden Horse Award at the 1997 Taiwan Film Festival, as well as the Asian and Pacific Film Festival Award 1997.

Davood’s current CD release Neptuvision draws influences from both contemporary world musical styles including Latin and Arabic rhythms as well as Persian, Irish, and European classical, and Gypsy. Excited by chance to use the violin as the main melodic instrument, Davood has fused the bittersweet sensuality of different traditions with infectious percussion to create a work which crosses melodies and rhythms from east and west. Though the fluency of the Taksim may lead you almost sacredly into one space, you may end up exiting in dance.

Davood has established a reputation as being an innovative virtuoso who derives the highest pleasure from tantalising and insisting his audiences contribute their energy to what always ends up an intensely invigorating event. You will listen, but eventually, you will dance.

Far Seas Ensemble is an Iranian House of Music production.

To experience Far Seas in action, check this video out.

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