Food Stalls

Al Faqma Sweets

Al Faqma Sweets and delicacies are delighted to share their unique flavours and culinary traditions at the festival.

Mazin was the proud owner of Al Faqma Sweets  in Mosul where he was known for his delicious Ice Cream incorporating his own innovative and seasonal flavours. azin Esho now runs  Al Faqma Sweets (Sydney) and specialises in Middle Eastern sweets and baked goods, Iraqi sweets, and bespoke cakes.
Al Faqma Sweets are dedicated to the quality of their products and value customers’ enjoyment above all else.  Find out more here

**Osam Catering will make an appearance and will serve up aromatic coffee.

Esfahan Sweets

From the cradle of civilisation, Esfahan’s Sweets brings a tsunami of Persian sweet delights to the streets of Sydney. Mehradad Mohammodian is the owner of Esfahan Sweets, a local bakery in Marrickville, Sydney and is an absolute connoisseur in Iranian traditional pastries and sweets. He’s eager to expand his business’ reach at the New Beginnings Festival In Spring and bring Esfahan’s Sweets to the fore. Mehradad is eager to learn more about Sydney’s diverse multicultural community, and is taking his stall to the festival as an opportunity to collaborate with other cultures.

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Syrian Kitchen

Syrian Kitchen focuses on bringing you authentic, fresh, and healthy Syrian cuisine. They are proud to employ newly arrived Syrians giving them the opportunity to work and showcase their heritage. Get your palette prepped for festival day and click here to peruse through their menu.

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