Fly Waves aka iresh

Fly Waves aka Iresh is a Sydney-based DJ whose catalogue ranges from the early Boom Bap - which is her first love - through the latest drops of Rap & Trap, all the way into the sounds of Dancehall and Afro Beats.

Fly Waves is the homonyms name of her radio show on Bondi Beach Radio which was designed to shine a light on female musicians - a mission in line with her work as the founder of the female creative collective Stayfly Sydney.

Her weekly show on Bondi Beach Radio vibes a fusion of jazzy hip-hop, soul-trap and boom bap seasoned with Amazon flavour and a taste of electronic and nu-r&b.

To experience her spins and thrills in action, check her out:

Facebook: @flywavesradio

Instagram: @flywaves_